My name is S. E Whittaker and I am the founder and creator of Whitty Goose Ltd.  Here at Whitty Goose we believe strongly in the power of giving. We understand the value of sharing a kind word or thought through pictures and verses. We know just how a witty one-liner or a funny image can turn a frown upside-down. Everyone, regardless of race or culture should be able to enjoy this in the fine way that British culture has done for many years. But, how is it possible to laugh at a scenario that does not remind us of our own cultures?

Whitty Goose was created to fill a need to laugh at images and one-liners familiar to us in our own family groups and wider ethnic groups. We were driven by a desire to be comforted by a card that displays scenes and people of the same race as us. And so, we have created settings familiar to home because then, it really means something to us, individually. It touches our hearts, because 'home is where the heart is'

Whitty Goose has combined images and texts that reflect the different ethnic cultures, interspersed in the local settings we find ourselves in. We hope you love them.

S.E. Whittaker