My First Progressive Greetings Live Trade Show, London 2019

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Progressive Greetings Live 2019 - We did it!

Almost a year ago, I had an epiphany which would lead me to a grand business venture. I decided to use my creative skills to design greeting cards that the world would be fighting over. Well...that's probably how it came over in my dreams. The reality may not be so extreme.

A year on, I'm delighted to say that I have just completed my first trade show! My decision to exhibit at Progressive Greetings Live 2019 was not taken lightly. It is a fair cost for the newbie that already has initial outlays to cope with. I knew it would be an essential part of my growth, whereby the industry would see my cards and I would receive constructive feedback. Basically, if they all turned their noses up, I'd be saying something like, 'Maybe its not for me' or 'Bye, Bye', before putting my designing tools down for good. No goodbyes here, though.

Setting up was exciting to say the least, even if completely exhausting. Huge thanks to the help that I received in this regard - I could not have done it alone. But what would I fill this sizeable space with?

I was told from the outset that I would need around 70 - 80 cards if I were to stand a chance of being able to exhibit at the next show. This freaked me out because I had only just began my journey!  I remember the painful early days and the sleepless nights. But I am tenacious and I have a dream.

Springboard was the area this year, dedicated to the newcomers and boy was it lively. I definitely felt the community vibe and support.

Food (not the kind seen on my cards!)

We were served delicious food for lunch, even nicer than the amazing specimens on my stand. PG Live certainly lived up to their name...'The hostess with the mostest'. We were also well watered with complimentary teas and coffee all day.

Thank you team!

The Nitty Gritty

Although I enjoyed my experience for the most part, I will admit, it was tough at times, I definitely felt like the newbie. But in retrospect, I was never there just to make sales, I was there to show myself as a firm contender. I am determined that this industry will see me for a second year, still there, going strong and with even more amazing cards. Whitty Goose will definitely attract more in next time.

Forward thinking

On a positive note I learned so much more about how I want my cards to look and more importantly, what they represent. I received some great leads, great feedback and great commendation from those that took the time to stop and chat with us. I was told numerous times then and continue to be told now that my cards are something fresh and a source of joy. So, I am confident that we will return bigger and even more delicious next year! Thank you @PGLive2019


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