Geese...Our timeless source of joy

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Image of geese - 'The Goose symbolizes family and community spirit.'

For many years, the Goose has inspired us in so many ways. This beautiful, majestic bird
is a worldwide species that whilst having slight differences, is readily identified when seen.
How many times have you shouted 'Honk! Honk! when you have been in the presence of a Goose?
So just how many species of Geese are there world wide? Well, there are three types of
geese that come from the Anatidae family. The three genera: Anser (grey geese),
Chen (white geese) and Branta (black geese) contain 17 species.

Image of 'The Anatidae Family of Geese'

Why have I chosen the goose to represent my company? I read somewhere that, the Goose
symbolism heralds belonging and family.  This animal understands the importance of family
and community and will remain loyal to it’s loved ones through thick and thin.

Image of a family of geese - 'The Goose symbolizes family and community spirit.'

Geese are perfect in every way and they give so much to our local communities.
What park with a lake would be a fun without them.

Image of a goose - 'Hold tight, we have greetings to deliver!'

When you send a card you are sending a tiny piece of your heart to someone.
This strengthens the bonds that make family and communities.
So hold tight! We are going on a journey.
Honk! Honk!


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